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About Neimer Art & Design

Neimer Art & Design’s mission is to help people bring fantasy into their own spaces, homes and private worlds, simply by adding a few home decor products that bring their room alive. 

I started Neimer Art & Design because I believed that as an artist and a designer I could offer unique and original home goods that will bring vivid colors, warmth, and vitality into many homes around the world.

The idea had been playing in my mind for years, and in 2018 I finally decided to take actual steps in achieving it. I have put a lot of thought into my signature collection and finally decided to focus on mermaids. I believe that mermaid are unique and fantastic creatures. They come from the deep ocean, surrounded by nature, and as such, they can truly deliver fantasy to our worlds.

Neimer Art & Design officially launched on May 27th 2019, and has been featured on press releases from major news sites.


Michal Neimer's Quotes

"I am thrilled that everyone who uses my home products, knows they are getting unique, one of a kind Neimer Art & Design products worthy of those who dare to dream their homes."

"Every person who has seen my products found himself in at least one of my items. The notion that I help people bring fantasy to their homes and help them design their own spaces is absolutely incredible and moving for me."

"I believe that the fact I have found my true passion in life helps me continue to create more fantasy for your private worlds."


Press Releases

A Place to Purchase Anything Mermaid-Inspired for Home Decor is Finally About to Be Launched

Designer Michal Neimer is happy to announce that she is launching her signature mermaid collection and her home decor online store that is all about mermaids on May 27.