You   are   why   I   do   what   I   do

How you helped Neimer Art and Design become a reality

I am thrilled that everyone who uses my home products, knows they are getting unique, one of a kind Neimer Art & Design products worthy of those who dare to dream their homes.

~Michal Neimer
Neimer Art and Design (CEO)

Before I created Neimer Art & Design, I used to love visiting new houses and see how interior designers put a room together.

Then one day my husband and I bought our first apartment together and we realized that we cannot afford to hire an interior designer. On our first year in our new home I was always thinking about our shared space and different ways we can make it our own.

At that time…

I was thinking on starting my own art business and I was planning on selling canvas prints for home décor. While doing a thorough research for companies to work with, I discovered that my art can also be printed on many different home goods and everyday products. I began experimenting with different home goods in an effort to design our own home. The result was amazing! The minute we’ve put a few items around our house, we immediately begun to feel like “home”.

I was concerned that the home décor market is already so big and saturated that I wouldn’t be able to be noticed among all the other small businesses and big chains.

But then…

I thought about that as an artist I can offer truly unique and fantastic products that others simply can’t offer. I wanted to bring an instant fantasy and warmth to your home by delivering home goods that are truly one of a kind.

So, I decided I set out to create the most fantastic home goods for the most amazing people who dare to dream their homes.

But the road was more difficult than I imagined…

Quality products is a must for me and when you print on demand you have to make sure your customers will receive the very best, especially when you can’t check every item yourself before it’s shipped.

Because of that…

I decided to order and test myself each and every item I sell. Because I promised myself that I would only sell products that would create a WOW Effect for my customers, I tested many products from many different manufacturers, and immediately rejected all the products with “just OK” quality to ensure you will get the BEST products out there.

During that time I was facing many health issues…

That slowed me down to the point I couldn’t work for some periods of time. But even though building my business while resuming my health back was one of the toughest things I have ever done in my life, I knew I have finally found my true passion and I had to keep pushing through.

Through it all, I released my first product line and the response has been truly heartwarming. Every person who has seen my products found himself in at least one of my items. The notion that I help people bring fantasy to their homes and help them design their own spaces is absolutely incredible and moving for me.

The best part?

Even though I am still not as healthy as a horse, I am getting better every day. I believe that the fact I have found my true passion in life helps me get stronger and continue to create more fantasy for your private worlds.